The Matanzas Pass Preserve is located on the seven-mile long barrier island of
Estero in the town of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The 60 acre preserve runs along
Matanzas Pass and is one of the few undeveloped, protected areas on the island.
As such it offers visitors a rare opportunity to experience Estero Island as it was
before becoming the popular beach resort that it is today.

Four natural plant communities make up the preserve (take a virtual tour of each
community by clicking on it's name):
maritime hammock, tidal swamp,  Black
Mangrove forest and coastal grassland. The natural plant communities and shady
hammock support a variety of wildlife both on land and in Estero Bay. In each
plant community, there exists a wide variety of native plants. Many of the plants
are unique to the Preserve and include Wild Cotton, Jamaican Caper, Florida
Mayten, and Cat Claw. To view a list of the plants found in the Matanzas Pass
Preserve, click

There is also a diversity of wildlife including raccoons, rabbits, hawks,owls,
turtles, snakes, herons, fish, and songbirds. All of these may be seen while
traversing the 1.25 miles of boardwalks and trails within the 60 acre preserve.

The Matanazas Pass Preserve offers many educational opportunities including
guided walks, tours led by an ethnobotanist, volunteer training, stress detox
tours, and the new children's educational program featuring
Earth Ed.

Directions: After accessing Estero Island/Fort Myers Beach via the Sky Bridge,
continue south on Estero Blvd. for approximately 1.1 miles. Turn left on Bay
Street at the the Fort Myers Beach Library. Follow Bay Street to the dead end
where the Preserve parking lot is located adjacent to the Historic Cottage. The
entrance to the Preserve is immediately in front of you.  ENJOY!
Map to Matanzas Pass Preserve
New Matanzas Pass Preserve
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Fort Myers Beach
Lee County, Florida
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Matanzas Pass aerial view--Click
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The Matanzas Pass Preserve
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